In 2016, the Government of Ontario declared the month of November each year as Hindu Heritage Month . Hindus in Canada have contributed significantly to civic life in Ontario and Canada. As part of Hindu Heritage month, our Yuva members of SVBF ( SVBF Youth) took time to reflect on the Hindu way of life, examine Hinduism's impact and contribution to world culture, recognize and demonstrate values promoting Sanathana Dharma through various art work and articles shared below.

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Understanding Hinduism

The Hindu religion is an Indian religion that consists of complex roots and rich beliefs. It is one of the oldest religions among the five major religions, which are Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Hinduism is believed to be dating back to a period around 4,000 years ago in ancient India.

It was derived from a Persian term indicating the inhabitants of the land across River Indus. It is the third-largest religion followed in the present world. 

Hinduism’s unique feature is that there is no single founder who has developed or spread it out to the world. It has been built up hugely based on various forms of worship, host of deities and beliefs reflecting diverse practices and rituals which have gradually developed from the rules and principles denoted in sacred texts written by scholars of those times. Hinduism doesn’t clarify its origin or the end, but propagates eternal faith hence also called ‘Sanatana Dharma’.

One of the most important beliefs is the theory of ‘karma’, which holds that all beings, human or animal have karma which determines which soul is for which body and ‘samsara’(the cycle of birth, death and rebirth), the possibility of reincarnation, and ‘moksha’ which is liberation from the endless cycle of life. 


Hinduism’s many sacred texts in Sanskrit served as a way for spreading the religion to other parts of the world, through ritual, visual and performing arts.

The material evidence of practising this religion has been obtained from the archeological remains of the historic Indus Valley Civilization that is believed to have enriched during 2500 BC, through the carvings on walls of remains of the stone age, caves and eventually, through sculptures, coins, inscriptions and the collection of different sets of shlokas (hymns) together called the ‘Vedas’.

The Vedic writings portray the worship of idols and belief in different Gods seen of a single unity and ritual acts. As the subcontinent of India flourished under the reign of Kings of many dynasties, Hinduism got patronage and spread to other places of the world too, through beautiful temples, statues of deities,  epics, sacred poems and writings.

I feel a lot of respect and pride to be a Hindu and have been greatly influenced by many stories and facts about the growth of the rich religion.

I believe in a supreme power as God who maintains this universe and our lives.

I practice Hinduism in taking part actively in celebrating Hindu festivals, worship of Gods at home and in the temple’s pooja of deities like Ganesha,  Shiva, Krishna and Durga and enjoy the offerings or prasada as blessings. Singing bhajans at the temple with friends and family brings calmness and builds up courage and strength in my mind and makes me happy.  

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Soorya Hegde

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Sharvya Hegde




Nihan Kiran Kumar

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Jayasree Sreeram

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Jayashree Sreeram

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