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Environmental Action Group

"The perfect day to do good all at once will never come. I wanted to start doing my bit for our environment in small ways  possible. The Environment Action Group came up as a perfect opportunity." ~ Sreeram Gopalakrishnan


"At EA Group, I find a like minded group to converse and share sustainable practices. Together, I believe we can inform and motivate more people to do good." ~ Anoop Shreedhara




"The environment is slowly deteriorating due to the selfishness of humans, and our lack of care for Earth. It's time that we step up and take responsibility for our actions. I joined this group because I wanted to do my part to help the environment, and slowly reverse the effects we've had on it. This group has taken so much initiative, and even though we're only a few individuals, we have made a difference, and I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to be part of this amazing group." ~ Trisha Shankar 

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