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     Usually, during the online session, one teacher takes the lead along with a senior kid and runs the class (this alternates each week). We usually chant slokas, then move onto a storytime, then take a minute of silence, and the class is then ended with a few closing prayers. The students put themselves on mute while the teacher and senior student chant, tell tell the story, during the minute of silence, and during the ending prayers, but they still chant the prayers, listen to the story and take the minute of silence (we tell them to put themselves on mute to avoid any interruptions, so you can't hear the students in the videos). So, in these videos, you can't really tell how interactive the class typically is, mainly because it's online but also because the students are on mute, and you can't see the screen of the laptop in the videos. 


Name: Aayush 

Age: 13

Message: In class, I learned about how to be a good person and the best human being I can be. I also learned about the various hindu scriptures such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata along with slokas from various deities. Purna Vidya has also taught me what it means to express a positive mindset towards other people.


Name: Param

Age: 12

Message: Purna Vidya classes give me a cultural education. These classes are a great way to learn, make new friends and understand our religion and values. I have especially enjoyed learning to chant shlokas, sing bhajans, and participate in plays with my Purna Vidya classmates.


Name: Aathmika 

Age: 11

Message: I've been in the Purna Vidya class for a long time, and through that long time I learnt many slokas from opening your eyes in the morning to closing them at night. I learnt about all the forms and incarnations of God, the stories of how Ganesha was born and the life story of Rama. All stories taught very important morals and the classes are very interesting and learning is always interactive!


Name: Sathvik

Age: 9

Message: I’m Sathvik. I recently joined the Purna Vidya class. I like to chant shlokas with everyone which makes me feel refreshed. The stories are very interesting, the Purna Vidya books are fun to do and thank you for making this class possible during this crisis. I hope we will come out of this crisis and enjoy the great summer.


Name: Haripriya 

Age: 12

Message: I recently joined Purna Vidya Class, and after joining Purna Vidya, I have learnt new shlokas and lots of details about Ramayana and Mahabharata. I especially enjoyed the stories as they were quite intriguing and had a great moral. One of my most memorable times at Purna Vidya was my first day, when we all sat together in a circle and discussed Ramayana. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to join this class.


Names: Chaitanya and Samanvita

Ages: 12 and 10 

Message: Purna Vidya is a fun class where we learn about the Hindu culture and traditions. Purna Vidya is run by 3 awesome teachers, Geetha aunty, Neela aunty and Priya aunty. They teach us about the great epic’s such as Ramayanam, Mahabharata and many life lessons. Purna Vidya helped us in understanding the basics of our culture