Bhajan Classes

Graduating kids from Bhajans class 3
Graduating kids from Sharadakka's  Bhaja
Sharadakka and Paramanna with graduating
Sharadakka and Paramanna with graduating

2013 Program

Appreciation for Teacher and Class

Thank you sharada mam!

Coping with COVID

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Bhajans are devotional songs, filled with amazing melody and rhythm. Learning these melodious bhajans are made fun and educational, thanks to Sharadha teacher. She teaches us how to render our prayers through short bhajans. Sharadha teacher is kind and helps students with lots of love and patience. Although we are social distancing she continues teaching us online, via Zoom. It is a unique experience, and we continue learning while keeping us occupied. Thank you Sharadha Teacher! - Uthara
Namaskara, I’m Sahana Madhyastha, I am 14 years old, and I have been in bhajan class for 12 years. Bhajan class helps me feel closer to my culture, especially when growing in a more western community. But also singing bhajans makes me happy. Bhajans are a very important aspect in our culture, and thanks to Sharadathe for teaching us, we can keep it going.
My name is Shreedhara Madhyastha. I am 20 years old, and I have been attending Bhajan class since it started back in 2005. Bhajan class has played a huge role in my life, since it has allowed me to connect to my culture and religion. Bhajan class also taught me discipline and patience. As a young child, it can be difficult to sit for an hour and listen/sing Bhajans, but you get used to it. It was also nice to meet up with your family friends every month, and have nice snacks courtesy of Sharada aunty!

Vineeth Harichaithanya ( 5 years ) got to learn a new art of singing devotional songs, thanks to Sharada Mam for being his teacher. He loves to practice before weekly zoom class, so he can sing one Bhajan with his Mam and friends. He learnt so much in the few months that he attended. Happy to see him in such good hands.
Thanks to Sharada Mam! 
My liking for bhajans started as a toddler when I came with my family to the temple so that my brother could learn. My earliest memory of bhajan class was being naughty and distracting to those who were singing , while Sharada Aunty used to make me sit on her lap! My brother was a huge inspiration for me to attend the classes. When he would practice at home, I would try to sing along even though some bhajans were hard for me . Soon, I grew a fondness for these songs because I got used to the short and easy Sanskrit words and the raga or the tone of the bhajans . I not only enjoyed singing bhajans , but also equally relished the ‘ Prasada’ and the snacks given after each session . As a result of years of attending bhajan classes, I have been able to attempt long and complex bhajans with Sharada Aunty . She has been very kind , patient in correcting our mistakes and compliments each time I sing well . So, I wish to thank Aunty for giving me the opportunity to learn and sing these amazing bhajans! - Arjun Saraff